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What is your favorite mood?

Favorite mood? Hmm I’ve never thought about this… Maybe just being contempt with myself, and satisfied with my surroundings both at once. It’s not a feeling of pure bliss/euphoria, but like when I’m not thinking about impending doom and maybe I’m influenced by something but it’s all good because I’m like chilll and good and nothing is bothering me. I hope this gave you some insight 🌻

The Upholsterers.
So at pitchfork this year there was a box of “rare punk singles” and i saw this. I asked the guy to see the tangible vinyl and the inserts and he showed me and god damn it felt like magic. I asked why he was selling it and he said because he had two. TWO! I felt blessed to be able to just see and hold it…


Jack’s ankle isn’t looking good, is it? Not many people would do what he is doing. Pretty amazing!

JWIII Live Photos

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Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn (Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne)



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Ye sneaky bastard

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I know sometimes it seems like I don’t care about how I look, but that’s all part of my “I don’t care about how I look” look.